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Eating Well
I eat 5 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit most days
I eat processed meats (salami, ham, bacon sausage) x2 week or more
I am aware of the benefits of antioxidant foods and integrating them into my diet
I am aware of the risks & benefits associated with anti-inflammatory food
I follow a Mediterranean diet
I consume daily simple/ refined carbohydrates.
(eg foods made with white flour or sugar, potatoes, candy, cereals that are not 100% whole grain/ unsweetened)

I regularly consume sugary carbonated drinks/ soda
I consume 1 or 2 alcoholic drinks (stubbie of beer/ one of wine/ shot of spirit) per day
I consume 3 or more alcoholic drinks (stubbie of beer/ one of wine/ shot of spirit) per day
I rate my every day exposure to stress as being high
I live in an economically disadvantaged area/ neighbourhood
I have you been treated for depression/ anxiety
I have a family history of depression/ other mental illness
I have you been exposed to chronic anxiety/stress as a child or adult
In the last 12 months I have you been affected by divorce, death of a loved one, changing jobs or moving house
I have struggles with racial discrimination
I practice yoga/ meditation
I enjoy good social interaction and support networks
Physical Activity
I lead a mostly sedentary life
I watch more than 3 hrs television per day
I regularly engage in aerobics/ calisthenics
I engage in moderate intensity exercise most days of the week
I regularly engage in weight lifting with little or no cardio workout
I kept myself in good shape in my 20's but let things slip in later life
I walk or cycle to work
My waist circumference is >35 inches= 90cms (female) or 40 inches=102 cms (male)
I get less than 5 hours sleep a night
I sleep for between 5 and 9 hours a night
I sleep for more than 9 hours a night
My sleep quality is good
I snore loudly
I have sleep apnoea and use CPAP
I have sleep apnoea and do not use CPAP
I watch TV late nights
I regularly work in bed at night, either on a smartphone, tablet or laptop
Chronic Disease
I know/ suspect that I am at high risk for diabetes
I have a family history of heart disease
I am taking medications to lower my cholesterol (statins)

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