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Wouldn't it be great to defy the ageing process?

The baby boomers have generally had it pretty good.

By now they are probably mortgage free, purchased the beloved Harley and done the world cruise...however they know around the corner lays the prospect of ageing with the curse of cardiovascular disease, cancer and dementia.

Wouldn't it be great to defy the ageing process, TO STAY YOUNG FOR LONGER......IF INTERESTED PLEASE READ ON!

Biological age v Chronological age

Chronological age is your actual age as determined by your date of birth.

Some people look much younger than their chronological age and this might mean a person of 65 years chronological age (statistical life expectancy 12 years) has a biological age of 57 (life expectancy 20 years).

Until now we could only guess at biological age........NOW WE CAN ACTUALLY MEASURE IT.

Discover our recipe for healthier living

Join us on a journey that may impact on telomere shortening and biological age. Discover the impact of:

  • Dietary factors
  • Stress management
  • Exercise
  • The rationale behind the judicious use of supplements
  • Ways of re- energising your mitochondria, delivering more energy to the cells

Want to find out more about staying younger for longer?

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